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Equity + Inclusion Mapping

Equity + Inclusion Mapping helps you redefine your HR & People Processes.

Learn to use this data-driven program to measure and improve your existing processes: hiring, promotion, performance management and supplier diversity, or use it to create new impactful, equitable, and engaging people processes.

Equity + Inclusion Mapping helps you breakthrough to deliver on your new or existing strategies with a structured, repeatable approach featuring rigorous analysis to connect strategy to action.

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Equity + Inclusion Mapping is how

Hiring Diversity
Career Advancement

Why Equity + Inclusion Mapping

Business Interview

Business and HR Leaders struggle with making DEI real - attracting and hiring candidates, helping current employees develop and advance, and implementing strategies to engage and retain the existing workforce.

Equity + Inclusion Mapping is a 6-week program that focuses on the barriers to inclusion throughout your employee experience. You'll identify and reduce potential biases in your people processes to reduce your risk and deliver better impact measurement, reporting, communication and accountability.

The Equity + Inclusion Mapping program will help you understand the barriers to equity in your people processes so you can:

  • Focus on process equity, not outcomes in people processes,

  • Identify, quantify and mitigate risks, and

  • Set objectives to hold business and talent leaders accountable.


You're only 6 weeks away from targeted improvement strategies that will deliver quick wins and sustained impact.

Inclusive Collective Podcast

A weekly conversation exploring strategies to understand the complexities of implementing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the business world. Guests include business, HR and DE&I leaders and experts across various industries who share details on how they've implemented innovative people practices and cultivated inclusive workplaces.

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Metrics Masterclass

Leaders and decision-makers need to see the connections between strategy, goals and metrics so that you can visualize where DE&I impacts your organization (including your existing priorities) and how progress can be tracked against your key performance indicators and business objectives.

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Industry Benchmarks

Make more informed and equitable business decisions with access to detailed socioeconomic data. Benchmark your progress and better understand your workforce, suppliers, customers, and community with powerful data and dashboards. Try the Equity Quotient AI-powered stakeholder intelligence platform for free.

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Equity + Inclusion Mapping is how Hiring Managers

"Rob was a great pleasure to work with, a great professional and very agile – which the maturity of our function required. He delivered great 'what' and 'how' results driving execution and culture."

N. William Fehrenbach, Retired
Senior Leader, Devices, Payors and Health Systems

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Weekly Podcast

The award-winning Inclusive Collective podcast is a conversation with and for those who seek to understand the complexities around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in the business world.

Podcast Duration: 20-40 min / episode
Seasons: 4+
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The Inclusive Collective podcast is your source for People & Culture and workplace news and analysis and stories of inclusive people, organizations and innovation. Our guests include leaders, teams and experts in various industries who share details of how they strive to implement inclusive workplaces within the business world, cultures, and across their everyday interpersonal interactions.


Hosted by Nadia Butt and Rob Hadley.


Metrics & Reporting Masterclass

60% of companies have a DEI strategy; however, only 20% have specific goals.

And only a small handful are successful in advancing equity and inclusion.

Time: 2-4 Hours | Self Paced
All Materials Included
$̶3̶9̶5̶.0̶0̶ $158.00 (Use DATA60 during Checkout)

Data is what separates DE&I efforts that risk divestment (i.e., layoffs and slashed budgets) from ones that are prioritized.


Learn to connect the dots between strategygoals and metrics so that you can visualize where DE&I impacts your organization (including your existing priorities) and how progress can be tracked against your key performance indicators and business objectives. Leaders and decision-makers need to see these connections to be effective.

This fast-paced masterclass covers a lot of ground, including using data to create meaningful change in DE&I, including insight on laws passed prohibiting DE&I and workarounds for organizations operating in regions where DE&I has been politicized; Frameworks vs. Formula, because we all know that change doesn't always scale; a deep dive on measurement, especially defining diversity beyond the EEOC categories, and considerations for running effective self-ID campaigns.

This Metrics & Reporting Masterclass - taught by Rob Hadley and Aparna Rae - covers tools and frameworks to align the right metrics with your equity efforts - so you can show progress and continue building a strong DE&I program. Start the course today!


Equity Quotient Expansion Pack

Rich Data. Expert Dashboards. Benchmark Goals Against Market.


I'm partnering with Equity Quotient to help increase your access to socioeconomic data. This data helps you better understand your workforce, suppliers, customers, and community. Equity Quotient is an AI-powered stakeholder intelligence platform that helps you make more informed and equitable business decisions.


Gain a vivid portrait of the talent marketplace in your region, set against the backdrop of the overarching economic environment. Dive into comprehensive insights on regional workforce demographics, capturing nuances of those employed, those actively job-hunting, and those absent from the workforce.

Try for free and access this growing set of dashboards that include Workforce Diversity, Supplier Diversity and the Business Landscape!

DEI Data Maturity & Metrics Inventory

You wouldn't start any journey without consulting a map, so why would you start down the road of building a DE&I measurement and metrics strategy without the proper tools?

One of the questions I get MOST OFTEN is around what should be measured to show the impact of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.


My response? What's worth measuring depends on where your organization is on it's DE&I journey.

Together with my frequent collaborator Aparna Rae, we put together an inventory that lets you see what you should measure based on:

  1. the maturity of your DE&I efforts and,

  2. the size of your organization.

This isn't your average spreadsheet; it's your DE&I dashboard, fuel gauge, and North Star ⭐️ all in one.


From tracking gender pay gaps to spotting leadership imbalances, this tool gives you the insights you need to drive change and keep those wheels of equality spinning.


Sign up for my monthly newsletter to get the download link. You'll be amazed at the power this tool unlocks in your job. I helped create this inventory and I still reference it almost daily!

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