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Strategy & Analytics for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Workforce Analysis + Strategic Prioritization

Deeply understand your current state, trends in representation, and gaps between where you’re going and where you want to be and prioritize areas of organizational focus.

Inclusion and Belonging Cultural Assessments and Analytics

Proprietary, customized surveys aligned to your company’s mission and vision with follow up interviews and focus groups to bring the survey data to life.

People Process Equity Analysis

Identify barriers to inclusion throughout the employee experience, from attracting and hiring, to developing and advancing, to engaging and retaining your workforce.  Then provide targeted improvement strategies for quick wins and sustained impact.

Investor DEI Analysis

Analyze target company diversity, people process equity and culture of inclusion and belonging to uncover risks and proactively engage investors, activists and employees.


Tekano Strategy & Analytics uses a data-forward, structured approach for companies starting their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey or looking to jumpstart their efforts.  We believe organizations should approach DEI as they would any complex, long-term, business imperative – using data, seeking best practices internally and externally, and by holding leaders, managers and teams accountable, in order to continuously improve. Tekano partners with business, DEI and HR leaders to create equitable and inclusive employee experiences to improve workforce representation, engagement and retention, increasing enterprise and brand value to customers, employees and investors.

In accelerating growth, mid-size and large companies, Tekano provides a structured, analytics-driven approach to developing strategies for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by identifying and prioritizing an organization's biggest gaps, illuminating barriers to equity and inclusion in people processes, assessing organizational climate, and building metrics that matter for objective setting, impact measurement, communication, and accountability.


For investors, Tekano objectively analyzes the people processes and organizational cultures of potential targets, identifying potential litigation risks and warning signs in organizational climates.



Gartner research shows organizations that confidently measure DEI, create accountability, and embed inclusion into talent decisions and processes report up to 20% more organizational inclusion compared to their peers without those approaches.

Harvard Business Review

"How to Measure Inclusion in the Workplace", 2021

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