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Workforce Analysis, Forecasting + Strategic Prioritization

Improving the diversity of your workforce is a strategic workforce planning problem – you have a workforce that looks like x you want it to look like y.  We break down your current state into its component drivers and provide realistic paths to help leaders understand the trade-offs necessary achieve their goals.


Prioritization based on workforce analysis and forecasting allows you to:

  • Set organizational priorities for deeper analysis (Why is our external hire rate for executive-level women X%?) to solve the right problems and to drive the right actions

  • Develop DEI strategy and set clear objectives and targets (“Our goal is X; we’ll get there by focusing on Y”)

  • Communicate strategy and impact clearly to customers, employees and investors


Inclusion and Belonging Cultural Assessments and Analytics

Cultural assessments can be generic, with results that are hard to interpret and that are not actionable.  We’ll align your assessments to show your organization how inclusion will help you achieve your business objectives, then tie employee sentiment to operational measures.


I + B analytics at the organizational, team and manager level allows you to:

  • Help leaders link inclusive environments to all other business priorities

  • Find pockets of success to replicate and scale

  • Use employee sentiment data as an input to solving operational business problems


People Process Equity Analysis

Identify and reduce potential biases in people processes, reducing risk and leading to better impact measurement, reporting, communication and accountability


Understanding the barriers to equity in your people processes allows you to:

  • Focus on process equity, not outcomes in people processes

    • Identify, quantify, and mitigate risks

    • Set objectives to hold business and talent leaders accountable while mitigating litigation risk

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DEI Analysis for Investors

Boards, LPs, activist investors, and employee groups are now demanding companies consider environmental, social and governance factors when making investments, acquiring companies and entering into strategic partnerships and joint ventures.


Analysis of target company diversity, people process equity and culture of inclusion and belonging allows decision makers to:


  • Present investment ideas with confidence

  • Clearly articulate and price risks

  • Mitigate DEI issues before the investment is final, providing stakeholders with pro-active plans to address problems

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